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Insta Radiance Medi-Facial


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Insta Radiance Medi-facial is an advanced Medi-facial that helps you treat summer tanned and uneven toned skin in a deeper and comprehensive manner. The Signature Medi-facial involves fruit acid extracts and Vitamin C based enriching serums, which naturally exfoliate the dead skin and provide a long-lasting radiant complexion. The goodness of the extracts stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin and foster the cell renewal process as well
Is this treatment right for me

Avoid if:

• You have bruises or active infection at the treatment site.

• You are seeking removal of grey or light coloured hairs.

• You are a pregnant female or a lactating mother.

• You are trying to conceive.


Step 1: Cleansing - to remove excess oil, dirt, and makeup from your skin Step 2: Exfoliation with fruit extracts - to eliminate dead skin cells and reveal a smoother, softer and glowing skin Step 3: Neutralising with antioxidants - to maintain the desired depth and consistency of the extracts; and to help you uncover your latent beauty Step 4: Comedone extraction - to do away with blackheads/whiteheads and cleanse the pores Step 5: Deep nourishment with vitamins - to provide ultra-intense nourishment with fruit vitamins for results that last long Step 6: Hydration with moisturising minerals - to restore hydration and cure prevalent dryness Step 7: Serum application - to rejuvenate and stimulate cell repair processes Step 8: Post-facial protection - to keep the applications intact and prepare the skin before it is exposed to sun, environment etc.


No Downtime associated with this procedure. The person can resume to normal life right after the treatment.

pain factor

No Pain Factor

What to expect

Aims to rejuvenate the skin, combat ageing, improve discolouration and give you a radiant beautiful skin

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